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Prayers on a theme Healing and Wholeness

I don't wish to give the impression that healing and forgiveness are linked with sickness and sin. Healing does however cover more than just the physical, as it encompasses relationships, feelings, prejudices and so much more. I am sure that to an extent our state of mind affects our state of health. Forgiveness therefore can often be an important first step in the healing of relationships, and in overcoming our own dis-ease with our lives caused by pride, our lack of humility, our failure to follow Christ's command to love.

There is a reason why the prayer of confession takes place often near the beginning of an act of worship - it centres our minds and our thoughts on those things which separate us from God, and brings us back to that place where we can worship with all of our heart and spirit.

"So they set out and went from village to village, proclaiming the good news and healing people everywhere." (Luke 9:6)

Loving Father,
all the fancy words
in the world,
expressed in eloquent prose,
decorated with emotion,
spoken with conviction,
cannot compete with a heartfelt
when all other words fail.
There are times
when we are all too aware
of our limitations,
conscious of sin
and the distance it creates between us.
Sometimes 'sorry'
is all the heart can bear to say aloud.
It is only you
who can read and understand
the language of our hearts.
Only you who can translate our 'sorry'
into the prayer we would have prayed,
if we had the words within us.
Then you forgive,
and having forgiven,
surround us in an embrace of love,
drawing us close to your heart,
as it was always meant to be.
Thank you, Loving Father,
that you listen to hearts
as well as voices.
Thank you.



Your forgiveness is total;
no notebook,
tape recorder
or post-it note
to remind you of that moment
You take our confession,
offered with hands outstretched,
and gently,
like the loving
heavenly Father that you are,
put it to one side
to be forgotten.
No grudges, no itching for judgement,
no resentment or ill-will.
Not like us
who find it easy to say sorry,
but so hard to forgive,
Forgive us, Father
that we are often more willing
to accept forgiveness,
than to forgive.
More willing to accept your love,
than to share it with those
who have hurt us.
Teach us to forgive
as you forgive




For those weighed down by ill health,
bring wholeness to body, mind and spirit.
For those weighed down by worry,
bring wisdom, peace and reassurance.
For those weighed down by fear,
bring freedom, release and liberation.
For those weighed down by sadness,
bring comfort, strength and joy.
For all whose hearts are troubled
at the start of this new day,
be the voice that they hear,
the warmth that they feel,
the wisdom they seek,
the strength they require,
and the one in whose arms they rest.



has its source in you
Creator God.
Flows from you like an ocean,
into a world as unyielding
as any shoreline cliff.
And like the ocean
which batters,
and wears away
even the hardest stone,
your love persists,
finds cracks and inlets
in hardened hearts,
flows inside and works a miracle.
Who would think that water
was more powerful than granite,
love mightier
than the hardest heart.
Thank you, Creator God
for the power of your love



Just a mustard seed, you said.
Just a mustard seed of faith to remove
the mountain of doubts and difficulties
which beset our often frail existence.
We readily confess, Lord Jesus,
that there are times when we reach out
seemingly in vain for that mustard seed.
And yet, if we did but think for a moment,
in that very act of reaching out,
we reveal the presence
of the very seed that we seek.
Lord Jesus we have faith in your power to heal,
but lack the self-confidence to ask.
We have faith in your ability to mend broken hearts,
but lack the experience in our own lives.
We have faith in your power to bring wholeness
into lives that are incomplete,
but hesitate to trouble you with our prayers.
We are like children, Lord Jesus,
standing here in awe of your power and love,
afraid to ask that which we know is possible,
because we are afraid
of the consequences of our asking.
Lord Jesus, accept the mustard seed
that we hold out to you, hearts outstretched.
Take it and the prayers that we offer,
and grant us the grace to accept
that our prayers are heard and answered
at the moment of asking,
by a God who knows our incompleteness,
and is working to make us whole



Heavenly God
you gifted this world,
and made us stewards of it.
Gave us family from many lands
and ask us to care for them.
Put your word upon our heart,
and ask only that we share it.
But we have thought only of ourselves,
and the blessings of our lives,
forgetting that your grace
and love are for the benefit of all.
Forgive our selfishness,
enlarge our vision,
and enable us to be
the people we could be,
faithful servants
of our heavenly King



True healing is more
than restoration
of flesh and blood,
or knitting of bone to bone.
True healing is wholeness,
where body, soul and spirit unite.
True healing is peace,
the knowledge of God’s presence,
a hope that knows no end.
True healing cries ‘Father,
not my will but yours.’
True healing knows love
a love that casts out fear.
True healing overcomes,
for eternity.



I bring to you my body,
muscle and sinew,
artery and vein.
bone and joint,
the miracle that is me.
I bring to you my brokenness,
and ask for healing,
freedom to be
the person I could be.


and all days
embrace us in a love that knows no end.
and all days
fill us with a power that overcomes.
and all days
encourage us with a word that nourishes.
and all days
inspire us with a hope that sustains.
and all days
comfort us with a peace that endures.
and all days
bring wholeness of body, mind and spirit
and all days



Breathe peace
like a gentle breeze
into my life;
dispel the dust
of unease and fear,
bring release.


Bless these aching bones
and put them to your service.
Take these feeble words
and give to them a boldness.
Accept the little I can do
and let it be my witness.



There are scars,
seen and unseen,
in my life.
There is pain,
inside and out,
I confess.
There is need
for wholeness,
and peace.
There is room
for healing,
and grace.




I bring to you (name)
a child of yours
in need of comfort,
healing and peace.
I leave them now,
resting in love,
immersed in your grace.
Bless those who are healers
of mind and body,
Surgeons, doctors,
nurses, psychiatrists,
all whose lives
are dedicated
to bringing wholeness.



Bless those who are carers
to those in need.
Parents, guardians,
children, adults,
all whose lives
are dedicated
to loving service.

Bless those who are prayers
where there is need.
The silent warriors
who love your children,
and whose lives
are dedicated
to your kingdom.

I may not be healed
but I shall be made whole,
if not in this life
then in eternity.


The following prayer was written by someone who suffers quite badly from M.E. and I asked Tanya if I could share it as I'm sure it will resonate with so many people:


Father God,
Please let me snuggle in Your arms.
My body is weary and painful,
My energy is gone.
May your wings be my duvet
And Your mighty outstretched arm, my pillow.
May I go to sleep listening to You sing over me?
I just want to rest.

I know the world is going on outside.
I wish I could join in.
But I’m not able to now.
It’s not easy waiting,
Being patient,
Hoping for a cure and healing.
I get frustrated, angry, sad, and annoyed,
Because I want to be busy building Your kingdom.
I hope this is just for a season,
But if not, help me to stay faithful to You

For now, as I rest in Your embrace,
Help me to know I am safe.
You are always with me,
And it’s okay just to be still.
I’m no less of a person
Because I can’t do.
For now, I’ll just be.
I’m still Your child,
Completely loved;
I’m Yours for eternity.
Thank you for never forsaking me.

(c) Tanya R Dooley

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